Igorots of Hungduan, Ifugao march down to Hapao River for the Punnuk tradition, a thanksgiving ritual in Northern Luzon that marks the completion of rice harvest and the beginning of a new agricultural cycle. Photo: Gladys Maximo

Another Way of Knowing

We must learn from those cultures that, rather than deplete ecosystems, presided over their enrichment.

Cumshewa long houses and totems, Haida Gwaii. Photo by G.M. Dawson, 1878. Library and Archives Canada.
A totem pole featuring various animals, Skidegate Queen Charlotte Islands, 1888 (Creation) Maynard, Richard, City of Victoria Archives

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European settlers of the Pacific North West Coast of North America came upon tremendous ecological abundance and vitality. Image: Unloading Salmon at a Cannery, Fraser River, BC, Canada — circa 1897 — (City of Vancouver Archives CVA 137–57)



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Russell Maier

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