This is installment number six of the Tractatus Ayyew: A Theory of Green & Grey. Photo: R. Maier.

The Earth’s Pattern of Process

Rather than be mired in self-judgment at our play with carbon, we can be dazzled by the Earth’s.

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1Going forward we will frequently refer to the Earth as a proper noun implying agency (i.e. “the Earth managed its energy”). While it is more than possible to conceive the Earth as a sentient entity, a divine being, or the active creation of a divine being(s), such claims are far beyond the scope of this essay. Instead, we imply agency simply in as much as any self-contained system has its own unique patterns and “way of doing things” — as we speak of a clock “keeping time” or a leaf “transforming sunlight”.



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Russell Maier → Green ethics, ecological metaphysics, regenerative philosophy. Earth builder & Forest Gardener.