Umair, I think you are on to something important here. I am working on the front lines of plastic pollution around the world. I've been doing so for the last ten years in some of the most polluted places on the planet. I am also have a degree in philosophy. And... I totally disagree with your conclusions. Most importantly, I disagree with your premises. The error isn't in your logic. It's in the very words you chose to use. For example, just by using the term 'nature' you set up a dichtomy between humans and the biosphere that propels you to your dire, wrong and unhelpful conclusions about us being somehow different and special. As you point out, the reason we're in this mess is that we thought we we're special-great-- but you're just reiterating this false dichotomy to say we're special-super-bad. Nonetheless, you're totally on to some important point. You nail with your analysis of human "bioproductivity" being negative! :-) But this isn't a consequence of our 'nature' as a species. Far from it. It is is a consequence of the very words, your premises and the paradigm of your article. Humans are not only prone to biocontribution-- it is our destiny. We just gotta speed our reversion by switching our words and perspective. This is where articles likes yours either slow things down-- or speed things up. I urge your to follow the series on Earthen Ethics I am currently in the midst of posting. Here's the begining But even better than my talk, click on my profile links at the bottom of the essay to check out my walk.

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