YIKES. May I suggest you have your priorities up-side down? YES... you do make some great observations about the way we read online. YES... going the not-for-profit route is FANTASTIC. However, your mad rush to decentralize and hire engineers shows your continuing in the real problem #1: the tired trend of throwing tech at a problem. As a writer, I think I speak for others here, when I say: we don't care about the tech you use, whether its decentralized or not! We do however want to put our energy into an enterprise that is fundamentally net-green. We want to be sure that by posting and committing to a particular platform were not responsible for yet more carbon intense datacenters, corporate office towers, power plants, and servers-tech that is chucked in two years! We don't want to put our energy into a platform that turns once bio-diverse space into offices, server farms and parking lots . Launching as a Not-for-profit is a great start-- but its not enough. We want focused for-Earth enterprises to put our writing energy into; enterprises that fundamentally make the planet greener. Decentralization is mute and inconsequential here. ( is anything really decentalized? Afterall, a founder's and their unconscious biases will always be the center of any networked system they launch). Please, rather than making your first priority to hire more engineers, put out a call for ecologists, regenerative designers and ethicists who can help you away from the grey road you are headed down. And have you consulted yet with the the First Nation people of the land where you are based? When it comes to telling stories and acheiving green they are the long dismissed masters. We've been dismissing them and ecological priorities for way too long. Please listen to them rather than the engineers.

For those writers reading who resonate: Ghost.org is an awesome not-for-profit, open source, net-zero platform that has been heading down this road for a long time already. I use it for my publishing and ecological disclosures.

Earthen.io → Green ethics, ecological metaphysics, regenerative philosophy. Earth builder & Forest Gardener.

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Russell Maier

Russell Maier

Earthen.io → Green ethics, ecological metaphysics, regenerative philosophy. Earth builder & Forest Gardener.

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