Why Environmental Advocates Should Come Clean

Would you take a car mechanic’s advice if their car was belching grey smoke? Would you follow a gardener’s guidance if their yard was barren and bleak? Would you have a carpenter build your home if theirs had just collapsed?

Today, as we get advice from billionaires and movie stars…

First, my apologies. I wrote that comment too fast and too late at night and went a tad too far! Ack... McCains is a New Brunswick french fry multinational corporation! I always get them mixed up with the Irvings! (too many fries studying at the University of New Brunswick perhaps!)…

Before you can ask about the possibility of green being achieved, you must define what 'green' means. Without green defined in a way that is intuitively and intellectually satisfying (simply achieving 'renewability' or 'sustainability' doesn't even come close for me), then you can start to ask the economic questions.

Its a long read, but here's a theory of green for you...https://earthen.io/introduction/

Observe the way the Earth tends its processes towards spiraling cycles that ever enrich.

THE RUGGED GREEN MOUNTAINS OF THE NORTHERN PHILIPPINES have been the home of the Igorot people for untold centuries. Known for their fierce forest protection and their abundant harvests, the Igorots not only honor the cycles of life around them — they steadily enrich them. Each season, with the arrival…

A Final Ethic to Guide Keen Green Enterprises

Observe how the Earth has tended its cycles towards an ever greater awareness of interconnection — Earthen Ethic №6

BENEATH THE MOSSY FLOOR of North American temperate forests, there lies a hidden network exchanging the needs, nutrients and character of trees. Observing the lush verdant splendor above, it is easy…

Observe how the Earth has supported life and its diversification. — Earthen Ethic №5

IN 1998, PALEONTOLOGIST Joseph Sepkoski completed a comprehensive database of marine life over the last 541 million years. The database compiled over 30,000 fossil genera, representing the finds and categorization of millions of species. By recording each genus’s appearance and disappearance in the fossil timeline, he was able to chart…

Great article that clears up misconceptions. Indeed, Bitcoin is a step forward from our petro-capital based currencies. And Ethereum another step. And Cardano. However, it is essential to raise our standard of "green"! And to be clear: all these blockchains are fundamentally net-additive. In other words, the net-impact of their chain operations, based as it is on computer powered calculations or networking, adds carbon to the atmosphere. This is not how the Earth greened the planet. Earth processes are fundamentally carbon net-subtractive. Following the Earth's example is the way forward. THIS is what we need as a the foundation for our currencies. It also happens to be what my team and I have built: www.ecobricks.org/brikchain

Transcending Net-Zero to Net-Green

Observe the way the Earth subtracts more of its carbon into cycling and sequestration than it adds back to the biosphere. — Earthen ethic №4

58 MILLION YEARS AGO the Earth entered the Carboniferous period with an atmosphere full of CO2. At the outset of the age, plants had just evolved leaves and stalks. 50 million years later, not only did vast leafy forests cover the planet, the Earth’s atmospheric carbon had been reduced 10 fold.

Early in the period, plants had just figured out how to make lingin cells; the sturdy cellulose required to build bark and trunks. Meanwhile, fungi…

Russell Maier

Going deep into green ethics, regenerative philosophy. Earth builder & Forest Gardener. Free 2022 Circle Calendar → Earthen.io

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